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Happy Kids = Successful Kids

For VivoPlae Happiness fuels success and not the other way around. At VivoPlae to increase the likelihood of raising successful kids we focus on creating a positive environment in the moment because when kids are happy and have a positive outlook, success is likely to follow. We always prioritize happiness and positivity in the present moment in our classes.

Here are some ways we use in our sessions:

  • We encourage kids to journal about their positive experiences with words or images. They get to relive happy memories.“ It gets their brains to operate from a positive place, think about their strengths and cultivate optimism.”

  • We teach kids to openly express gratitude for three things during their training session. 

  • We show kids how to be open to possibilities and make goals attainable. Break those bigger goals into smaller objectives so kids are encouraged and goals seem reachable.

  • We encourage kids to finish their session with a big SMILE!

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