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Super Hero Multisport Championship Day Party

A typical set of activities might include: A combination of baseball, basketball, soccer and other activities.

  • 60 to 90 minutes of non-stop fun!

  • We'll get the players going with some sports free play.

  • Then the party gets rocking with our stadium introductions, playoff style! Each player gets introduced into the cheering stadium 

  • We'll play a series of Great Play's favorites, selected based on learning the birthday star's interests,

    • Sports relay race / obstacle course

    • Offense-defense flag grab tag

    • Basketball bucket relay

    • Stations with sports throwing, such as football strike zone, football field goal, bottle breaking contest

    • Soccer/Basketball hot shot and dribble tag

    • Fumblearooski relay race

    • Base running relay

    • Etc.

  • As always, our highly-trained coaches and specially crafted games will make it a special event for all involved!

  • A gold medal awards ceremony closes out the games.

We make your child shine as a STAR!

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